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What Would God Say?

What would God say?  Those who say that all gay and lesbian people are doomed to Hell if they do not change their sinful ways rely on mistranslations and misinterpretations of what God said in the past.

But what would God say today?  I believe that God is as alive today as in the past.  If that is so, then God might have something to say today.  What follows is one possibility of what God would say today.  It is not a "revelation".  It is, rather, just a possibility.........

Did I not create you my children?  I am not like the abusive earthly parent who causes pain for their children.  I am a loving God.

I created you in my image.  And, my image is not one that can be contained in one small definition, one small "mold".

I have created you in my image, an image that is filled with diversity.  I am neither black nor white, red or yellow.  I am neither male nor female.  I am neither Catholic nor Protestant.  I am neither Jewish nor Islamic.  I am neither tall nor short, small nor huge.

Why should you think that I am either straight or gay, or that I would love only one and not the other?

You are my beautiful children, filled with the special gifts that I have given you.  You show forth the beauty of my creation by your great diversity of existence.

This is my message to you this day: I love you unconditionally exactly the way I created you.  Grow in that love, share that love.  But, do not turn from who you are to please the misguided of my "followers".........



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