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My Masonic Journey - Why I Am Taking It

The Journey Begins

For those of you who know me well, either personally or through my other web pages, you know that I am a person who considers himself on a journey.  And, that journey has taken me along many paths, all of which lead to the present.

My "Masonic Journey" began in the year 1999 when I began seriously reading and reflecting about Freemasonry.  More and more I found myself being drawn to this organization.

It was in the latter part of 1999 that a person who happened to be a Mason, Dan, started to work in my area.  In the year 2000 I began to have conversations with him about Freemasonry.

When I decided that I did want to become a Mason, I asked Dan what I needed to do to join.  He gave me a Petition and offered to be one of my sponsors.  We began to look to see if there was another Mason that I knew who would be willing to be my second sponsor.

As it turned out, I did not find anyone in my circle of friends or church who was a Mason.  Neither did we find anyone at work.  So, Dan arranged for me to meet with a person from his Lodge.  That person then signed as my second sponser.

Why I Am Taking The Journey

Freemasonry is a fraternal organization based on some very simple ideas, namely, belief in one God Who is the Creator, belief in a universal brotherhood of man that is the result of having one Creator, and a belief in an afterlife.  At the same time, Freemasonry does not tell its members the specifics of what to believe or how to believe, rather leaving that up to the individual member.  There is a tolerance of a variety of understandings of the simple ideas that make up Freemasonry.

This tolerance would, at one time, have prevented me from joining the Masons as I had a very narrow view of God and what I thought was required to follow God.  In the past several years, however, I have come to a deeper understanding of God and the many ways God approaches us.  There are, at least, as many ways for God to approach us and for us to approach God as there are individuals.

Freemasonry does not take away from my beliefs but rather serves as a compliment to them.  It enhances and provides another approach to deepen my relationship with God and with others.

Freemasonry is a fraternal organization with many rituals.  For some people, these may seem a bit strange or odd.  For me, ritual is something that is important in my life and has always been so.  There are many rituals that I have passed through in my journey to this point.  And, the rituals that I will pass through in Freemasonry mark additional stages on the journey that is my life.



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