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Memorial Day Service - 05/28/2007

Confederate War Memorial Chapel

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On May 28, 2007 I had the pleasure of attending the Memorial Day Service at the Confederate War Memorial Chapel in Richmond, Virginia.

Please click on the thumbnail to see the full-size photograph.


Program Cover   Piano and wreath before the service   Stained glass window   Stained glass window

Canon outside of chapel   Outside of chapel   General Lee arrives   Historic Marker

Doug outside of chapel before service   Color Guard before service   Gneral Lee before service   Color Guard entering chapel for service

Inside the chapel during the service   Outside of chapel during service   Playing of Taps   Color guard leaving the chapel at the conclusion of the service

Color Guard assembled outside after the service   Color Guard saluting General Lee after the service   General Lee after receiving the salute of the Color Guard   Keynote Speaker (William Connery) at his table outside of the chapel after the service

General Lee at the Keynote Speaker's table

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