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2007 - The Year of Dead Bigots

2007 is the year of dead bigots - individuals who claimed to be "men of God" but were truly evil. Their hatred has caused the suffering of so many people. And, their death has silenced their hatred. They will be surprised upon waking up to a new life to find that their hatred while alive will have consequences after their death. If ever there was a justification for Hell, these men provide it.

Jerry Falwell - Born August 11, 1933 - Died May 15, 2007 - Associated with the Thomas Road Baptist Church, Liberty University, and The Moral Majority.

D. James Kennedy - Born November 3, 1930 - Died September 5, 2007 - Associated with Coral Ridge Ministries.

May God have mercy on these individuals - more mercy than they showed to their fellow human beings while alive.


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